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VENUE #9 - School of Contemporary Dancers, July 18 to 29, 2018

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Headshot for Jordan Hrynkiw

Jordan Hrynkiw


Jordan Hrynkiw is making her seventh appearance with Merlyn Productions, reprising her 2014 Winnipeg Fringe Festival role as the title character in “Puss in Boots”!

Jordan was last seen in “Sleeping Beauty” (2015), and played Alice in “Through the Looking-Glass” (2014). Other productions include “Ming Lee and The Magic Tree” at the 2013 Fringe, Kimberly-Kay in “Wind of a Thousand Tales” (2012), and “The World of The Brothers Grimm” at the 2012 Fringe.

Jordan studied acting at the Winnipeg Theatre School for five years. She previously took two years of acting classes at Fantasy Theatre for Children and The Theatre School, and two years of musical theatre classes at Manitoba Theatre for Young People.

While at Fantasy Theatre for Children, Jordan's mainstage appearances included “The Stolen Prince” (2011), and “Max and The Grinch” (2010).

Jordan is a University of Manitoba student in her second year of Science studies.

Headshot for Ken Stone

Ken Stone


Ken Stone is making his fifth appearance with Merlyn Productions, reprising his 2014 Winnipeg Fringe Festival role as the King in “Puss In Boots”!

In addition to various roles with Merlyn, some other highlights are the roles of Drew, Reggie, Harry Woolworth, and Paparazzi in “Show Choir! - The Musical” with the Adult Ensemble class at Winnipeg Studio Theatre, and the role of Avram in “Fiddler On The Roof” with North Kildonan Community Players.

Ken continues to take classes with the RWB School, and his most recent adventure was with the World Village Gospel Choir in the WSO concert “Symphony @ Knox”.

Ken is thrilled to be working with Merlyn Productions again. In life, he enjoys the opportunity to learn and to have as much fun as he possibly can.

Thank you for coming, and enjoy the show!

Headshot for Chrystal Veroba

Chrystal Veroba


Chrystal Veroba is making her second appearance with Merlyn Productions as well has her Winnipeg Fringe Festival début as the Queen in “Puss in Boots”!

She was last seen as the American Girl and other roles in “Wind of a Thousand Tales” in December.

Chrystal usually seems to find herself working creatively behind the scenes, but is discovering the joy of accomplishments in the art-form that happen on the “other side” of the stage.

Currently, Chrystal is a musical theatre student at PTE, and works as a full time commercial radio producer and voice-talent.

Headshot for Daniel Gilmour

Daniel Gilmour


Daniel Gilmour is excited to be back onstage for an eighth appearance with Merlyn Productions, reprising his 2014 Winnipeg Fringe Festival role as Ugolin the Ogre in “Puss in Boots”!

He was first seen in “A Tragedian In Spite of Himself” for ChekhovFest 2014. Since then, he has played an ogre, a heroic side-kick, a peasant with scalp disease, and all the male characters in two productions of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

Other credits from around Winnipeg include “Radio Night” (2017) and “And Then There Were None” (ChristieFest 2017) with Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre; “Table Manners” (AyckbourneFest 2016) with Broken Record Productions; and “Arcadia” with Theatre Incarnate (StoppardFest 2007).

Daniel also played a recurring role as grumpy teacher Mr Morgan for three seasons on ShawTV's award-winning series, “Millworth”. He received his training at the University of Manitoba, where he was a proud member of the Black Hole Theatre Company.

Offstage, Daniel is an Early Childhood Educator and looks after chases a gaggle of toddlers all day. He is an avid board game player, possibly-too-obsessive sports fan, wannabe Karaoke star, and enjoys taking naps.

Daniel thanks his friends and family for all the support.

Headshot for Ezra Enns

Ezra Enns


Ezra Enns is making his first appearance with Merlyn Productions as the penniless miller's son Guy in “Puss in Boots”! This will be Ezra's first local production, and he is truly enjoying his début in the Winnipeg theatre scene.

In previous years, Ezra has taken roles in his high school's drama department – in Nairobi, Kenya – playing Oliver Warbucks in “Annie”, Juror 3 in “Twelve Angry Men”, Bishop Bienvenu and Grantaire in “Les Misérables”, the butler and Simeon in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, and the Lord High Underling in “The Wiz”. Ezra is very thankful to Merlyn Productions for this chance to provide some fun live theatre for all ages.

In the time not spent furiously memorising his lines, Ezra enjoys music, reading, cycling, and good film. He loves acting because it gives him a chance to tell stories, and take part in the community of characters that portray the human experience distinctly.

Ezra thanks his aunt and uncle for their time and effort getting him to rehearsals on time. He also thanks his fellow cast members and all of the people who made this show so fantastic. Finally, Ezra would not be here without the constant support, love, and guidance of his parents, and most importantly, Jesus.

Headshot for Kylee Kolesar

Kylee Kolesar


Kylee Kolesar is making her first appearance with Merlyn Productions as Princess Genevieve in “Puss in Boots” for the 2018 Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

This production marks her live theatre début (since playing an angel in the school Christmas play at the age of 5), and she is looking forward to it!

In the local film scene, Kylee has been actively involved in background roles.

She took an intro theatre course at the University of Winnipeg, but since then, has transferred to the University of Manitoba to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Headshot for Alison Kolisnyk

Alison Kolisnyk


Alison Kolisnyk is making her seventh appearance with Merlyn Productions in “Puss in Boots”! She was first seen as the historical Alice Liddell in “Through the Looking-Glass (And What Alice Found There)” in 2014. Since then, Alison has played the Shoemaker's Wife in two runs of “The World of The Brothers Grimm”, Mum in “Ernie's Incredible Illucinations” for AyckbournFest 2016, multiple roles in “Wind of a Thousand Tales”, and the Chorus in “Nightingale”.

In 2015 Alison joined R-G Productions, making her Winnipeg Fringe Festival début as Kokum/Narrator in “Breadcrumbs”. Other R-G shows include “Spider’s Web” for ChristieFest 2017, “Psychopathia Sexualis” for ShanleyFest 2018, and “Desdemona” for both the 2017 Winnipeg Fringe Festival and the 2016 A-Spire Theatre Festival in Gimli, to which she returned last August in “The Savannah Sipping Society”.

Alison began studying acting, musical theatre, and dance as hobbies in her adult years. Recently, dance has been her primary recreational activity, and she has taken classes in various styles including jazz, tap, hip hop, modern, and African.

Offstage, Alison's “real world” revolves around hospitality, coordinating her front desk team in one of Winnipeg's upscale Polo Park hotels. Her other interests include travel, photography, horseback riding, and Zumba.

Headshot for Avery Wolchuk

Avery Wolchuk


Avery Wolchuk is making her first appearance with Merlyn Productions as well as her Winnipeg Fringe Festival début in “Puss in Boots”!

Avery currently studies acting at Expressions Film Studio, and has also taken theatre classes at Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain and Prairie Theatre Exchange.

She is an avid soccer player who loves video gaming with her friends, and spending time at home with her family and pets.

Avery has been told by her school principal that she will most likely rule the world one day.

Headshot for Krissadie Armstrong

Krissadie Armstrong


Krissadie Armstrong is making her first appearance with Merlyn Productions in “Puss in Boots”!

Sadie started acting classes at the age of six, and after performing in “The Perils of Prince Percy of Pomegranate”, was forever hooked! Most recently, she performed in the Canadian premier of “Tuck Everlasting the Musical”.

Sadie has been in competitive musical theatre, tap, and jazz with Shelley Shearer School of Dance since she was seven years old. She has been with The Brady Academy of Irish Dance since the age of six, and can be seen performing annually at the Celtic Ireland Pavilion during Folklorama. She was honoured to be selected as a dancer at the closing ceremonies of the 2017 Canada Summer Games.

Sadie has dreamed of being a Fringe performer for many years, and thanks Merlyn Productions for giving her this opportunity at her Fringe Festival début!

Headshot for Sandy Marie

Sandy Marie


Sandy Marie is making her third appearance with Merlyn Productions as well as her Winnipeg Fringe Festival début in “Puss in Boots”, and has studied as an Adult Acting student at the Winnipeg Theatre School for the past three years.

She was previously seen as Delores Biggs (“the actress”) in “And Then There Was One” for ChristieFest 2017, and as Princess Anna in “Wind of a Thousand Tales” in December.

As a child, Sandy was always ready to put on a show with extravagant self-made costumes, starring her siblings and friends. Their most popular production, “The Phantom of the Opry” spoof, was a parody of a parody of the famous musical.

Sandy has a passion for musical theatre, and in addition to her acting classes, is also taking vocal and piano lessons. Her other skills include gymnastics, Irish tap dancing, and skating.

Coming from a family of musicians, Sandy's dad calls her his “little globe-trotter”, as she is always ready to pack and go on a new adventure. Her favourite destination is New York City: the dream place for theatre lovers.

Headshot for Tim Sayeau

Tim Sayeau


Tim Sayeau is making his fifth appearance with Merlyn Productions as well as his Winnipeg Fringe Festival début in “Puss in Boots”! He was most recently seen as The Announcer in “The Princess and the Pea” in October, and Bluster in “Wind of a Thousand Tales” in December.

Tim previously played multiple roles in “Ernie's Incredible Illucinations” for AyckbournFest 2016, and appeared as a Director of the Bank in “The Anniversary” for ChekhovFest 2014.

In 2014/15, he took a year of Adult Acting classes at the Winnipeg Theatre School, with which he played both a layabout and a philanthropist in Dramatic Showcase 2015.

Tim's previous experience included being a page in a grade 1 production of “Cinderella”, and a lobster salesman in the film “Exiles”.

Headshot for Margaret Keast

Margaret Keast


Margaret Keast is stage managing for a third time with Merlyn Productions, after joining the company for “Wind of a Thousand Tales” in December 2017.

Margaret has previously stage managed for a complex-cued outdoor act at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, and assisted for an under-a-tent-in-a-park rendition of “Romeo and Juliet”, during which her skills as a teen-wrangler became evident and valued.

She assisted stage management for the one-act play “Kreskinned”, which went on to win best play at the Saskatchewan one act festival, and stage managed a production of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe”.

Outside of the theatre, Margaret enjoys gardening, crafts, and spending time with her pets and husband.

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