Sandy Marie

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Sandy Marie is stage managing for the first time with Merlyn Productions.

Sandy has studied as an Adult Acting student at the Winnipeg Theatre School for the past five years, and made six appearances with Merlyn Productions. Her past shows include “ALADDIN” (2019 Winnipeg Fringe Festival), “The Beggar and the Wolf” (2018), “Puss in Boots” (2018), “Wind of a Thousand Tales” (2017), and “And Then There Was One” (ChristieFest 2017).

As a child, Sandy was always ready to put on a show with extravagant self-made costumes, starring her siblings and friends.

Sandy has a passion for musical theatre, and in addition to her acting classes, is also taking vocal and piano lessons. Her other skills include gymnastics, Irish tap dancing, and skating.

Coming from a family of musicians, Sandy's dad calls her his “little globe-trotter”, as she is always ready to pack and go on a new adventure.

Last Updated: December 26, 2019
For Production: Through the Looking-Glass
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