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Ezra Enns returns to “Puss in Boots” for a second appearance with Merlyn Productions. The Winnipeg Fringe Festival run was Ezra's first local production, and he is truly enjoying the Winnipeg theatre scene!

In previous years, Ezra has taken roles in his high school's drama department – in Nairobi, Kenya – playing Oliver Warbucks in “Annie”, Juror 3 in “Twelve Angry Men”, Bishop Bienvenu and Grantaire in “Les Misérables”, the butler and Simeon in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, and the Lord High Underling in “The Wiz”. Ezra is very thankful to Merlyn Productions for this chance to provide some fun live theatre for all ages.

In the time not spent furiously memorising his lines, Ezra enjoys music, reading, cycling, and good film. He loves acting because it gives him a chance to tell stories, and take part in the community of characters that portray the human experience distinctly.

Ezra thanks his aunt and uncle for their time and effort getting him to rehearsals on time. He also thanks his fellow cast members and all of the people who made this show so fantastic. Finally, Ezra would not be here without the constant support, love, and guidance of his parents, and most importantly, Jesus.

Last Updated: November 16, 2018
For Production: PUSS IN BOOTS
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