Yvonne Grenier

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Yvonne Grenier began working with Merlyn Productions in 2011, and made her first onstage appearance with the company in 2012, as Nushi in “Wind of a Thousand Tales”.

Previously, Yvonne served as Stage Manager for the adult segment of “Dramatic Showcase 2012”, and also the 2011 Season's holiday special, “Through the Looking-Glass (And What Alice Found There)”.

Yvonne is a graduate from The Academy of Acting. While her year-long program covered film, television, and theatre acting, Yvonne feels best when she is working as a Stage Manager. Nevertheless, whether she is onstage or behind the scenes, Yvonne loves learning as a team and applying her knowledge to create theatre.

Last Updated: October 21, 2015
For Production: Sleeping Beauty
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Status: Emeritus MemberJoined: November 2, 2011Seasons: 3
Productions: 4On Stage: 1On Staff/Crew: 3

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