Basia Zaleska

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Basia Zaleska is making her third appearance on the Merlyn Productions mainstage. She was previously seen in “Wind of a Thousand Tales” in 2012, and in “Confessional” when the company presented its Morality Plays triple-feature in 2011. As an alumna of the Winnipeg Theatre School, she also performed with the “STAGE ONE: Adult Theatre” class in Dramatic Showcase 2011.

Basia's interest in theatre began as a child, taking dance classes at the Winnipeg School of Performing Arts under Kimberley Timlock, and then performing with her high school improv team, The Hamburger Earmuffs.

Participating in the arts is an on-going inspiration for Basia, who is happy to return to the stage for “And Then There Was One”. She hopes you will enjoy the show!

Last Updated: February 22, 2017
For Production: And Then There Was One
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