Robert Hewitt King

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Headshot for Robert Hewitt King

Robert Hewitt King is making his fifth appearance with Merlyn Productions.

He was most recently seen as Francesco in “The Beggar and the Wolf” during Winter Break 2018.

Other roles include The King in “Wind of a Thousand Tales”, King Handsome in “The Princess and the Pea”, and Inspector Horatio Miles (not a king) in “And Then There Was One” for ChristieFest in 2017.

“It is always a pleasure to do a play with Merlyn: nice people to work with, nice plays, nice rehearsal space, nice performance space, nice people that come to see us.”

Last Updated: December 26, 2019
For Production: Through the Looking-Glass
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Status: Core MemberJoined: January 1, 2017Seasons: 3
Productions: 5On Stage: 5On Staff/Crew: 0

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