Tim Webster

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Tim Webster is making his first appearance with Merlyn Productions in the solo performance piece “On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco”.

Tim has been performing for over thirty years, starting with the children's television show “Follow Me” in 1977. He moved on to stage work in 1984, and once his degree was in his hand he immediately began eking out a living in a variety of ways – as most theatre majors must, or starve.

Tim performed educational theatre with Phoenix Productions (1994 - 2000), produced liturgical sketches for Riverwood Church Community (1999 - 2010), and taught Drama to Junior and Senior High students at The King's School (2003 – 2011). He still joins both the BS Comedy Players for political satire and the Crosseyed Rascals for improvisational comedy, as he has since 2001.

Tim currently works for the Faculty of Medicine and the Medical Council of Canada, for whom he trains people to portray symptoms of various illnesses.

He would also like to take this opportunity to deny the completely unfounded rumour that he has had elective plastic surgery to crop his naturally-pointed ears.

Last Updated: February 4, 2014
For Production: The Anniversary
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