Linda McNeill

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Linda McNeill is making her first appearance with Merlyn Productions.

Her first role on stage was as a tree in Bethlehem – near a stable – so she decided that it was hurricane season and enlarged her role considerably!

Fast forwarding more than 40 years, her second role was in the Herman Foote play “A Trip to Bountiful” playing Mrs Carrie Watts. She had so much fun and learning enjoyment that she stayed with Trilight Theatre in Kenora, Ontario for a number of years in various roles, both onstage and backstage.

Wind of a Thousand Tales” is Linda's first since moving to Winnipeg a year ago, and she hopes it is not her last!

Last Updated: December 26, 2017
For Production: Wind of a Thousand Tales
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Status: General MemberJoined: November 21, 2017Seasons: 1
Productions: 1On Stage: 1On Staff/Crew: 0

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