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Merlyn Productions is a live theatre production company that also operates the Winnipeg Theatre School in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

We present a full season of stage plays at the Ellice Theatre and other local venues each year, and offer acting classes for children, teens and adults in Spring, Autumn and Winter.

Company History & Mission

Merlyn Productions is the successor to C.G. Productions, which staged plays under Co-Artistic Directors John Chase and Christopher Gray from 1997 until 1999.

When Mr Gray departed Winnipeg to pursue other avenues in Ottawa, Merlyn Productions was born. Under Artistic Director John Chase, the company remains committed to its mission of staging "quality theatrical entertainment at an affordable ticket price".

The Winnipeg Theatre School was formed within the company in 2011. With the motto that "some companies use professionals – we create them", its acting instructors came from Fantasy Theatre for Children and The Theatre School, to continue in FTC's 30-year tradition of quality training for all ages.

Join Our Company

Merlyn Productions has a volunteer cast and staff that dedicate time for the love of their art form, and are committed to fostering live theatre in Winnipeg for performers and patrons alike.

Cast and Staff of "An Hour of Comedy, featuring Brothers in Arms" at the Ellice Theatre

We welcome performers of many ages and skill levels from the greater community, who wish to exercise their talents or develop their skills in a professional setting.

To become involved – whether as an actor, a crew member, or just someone with a few hours to hang posters in your area – by all means contact us, and we will be pleased to add you to our files.

You can also subscribe to our E-Mailing List to receive news of upcoming shows, and opportunities to perform or volunteer with Merlyn Productions.

Winnipeg Theatre School


March 25, 2014

Comedy & Tragedy Masks